Lily Pond Corner Carpet

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This colorful printed Lily Pond Corner Carpet will add a bit of whimsy to any room. With its water and lily pads motif, children will think they are outside on the shoreline. Carpet is extremely comfy! Little ones will have blissful moments when they want a nice place to sit, play, or do schoolwork. Rug will deaden noises and lower sound levels - important for the learning environment. Also adds a bit of insulation to floors. Carpet is coated with a flame retardant and is ¼" pile height.

  • Coated with flame retardant
  • Adds insulation to floors
  • Deaden noises & lower sound levels
  • Carpet is extremely comfy
  • 55¼" Side length.
  • Two year warranty.
  • One piece.

It pairs perfectly with Pond Corner, Sold separately (2 mirrored patterns).

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Warranty Information

Playscapes and Novum Children’s Furnishings of Poland is pleased to announce our new exclusive distribution partnership throughout the United States and Canada. Novum has been offering quality children’s furnishings, sensory and educational products in Poland and across Europe for over 20 years. Novum products are eco-friendly and confirmed by quality Certificate ISO 9001. All products carry a two year warranty.
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