Kindergarten Acoustics Wide Partition Wall Panel

Custom made. Lead time is 12-14 weeks.
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  • HABA Pro Kindergarten Acoustics Wide Partition Wall Panel - 1820061
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  • Kindergarten Acoustics Wide Partition Wall Panel
  • Kindergarten Acoustics Wide Partition Wall Panel
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This Kindergarten Acoustics Wide Partition Wall is sound absorbing so it helps with noise reduction on both sides and can also be used as a pin board. Make as much noise as you want while the blue panel soaks up all the ruckus. This panel will create a welcoming environment, increase productivity, safety and reduce stress. Use other combinations of partitions to create a cute and cozy retreat or areas for resting, reading or relaxing. The ideal way to divide rooms is partition cabinets with plenty of storage space for play materials. Frame made of birch wood with polyester sides and steel powder-coated cross bars.

Kindergarten Partition Walls - Partitions are multi-talented: They structure rooms, separate and connect at the same time. They are rarely just partition walls, but also function as storage space or play walls all at once. When cleverly combined, they serve as a wardrobe for costumes during role play, as a shop, puppet theater, attractive privacy screen and have colored acrylic or sound insulation. This makes it easier for little ones to orientate themselves, and contributes to their sense of well-being and security. Encourages little ones to explore the world of imaginary play and gives them opportunities for learning and self-expression.


  • Dimensions: 53¾"H x 46¾"W x ¾"D
  • Base panels made of birch wood
  • 10 year warranty
  • Made in Germany

Partition Walls may be connected:

*** HABA is custom produced, no cancellations or modifications allowed. This activity wall is made custom to order. Lead time is 12-14 weeks.

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Warranty Information

HABA® - Gressco is the exclusive distribution company to the US and Canada for HABA's custom, commercial quality children's furniture. HABA items are built to withstand the rigors of commercial environments, and are built to last with a 10 year manufacturer's warranty. ALL HABA PRODUCTS ARE CUSTOM MADE AND ARE NOT RETURNABLE.
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