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This Nature Inspired Comfort Sofa is not only a perfect set for relaxation corners, but also works well in holistic therapy classes. Its great advantage is that it takes up little space after folding. The colors are friendly and inviting to stimulate the imagination and provide a sense of relief and peace. Perfect for early learning campuses, rehabilitation centers, children's libraries or classrooms, The sofa is made of foam shapes that maintain their shape even after long and intensive use. They always provide softness and bounce. The covers are removable and made of hypo-allergenic synthetic leather with an easy-to-clean surface. The set includes three cushions of the same high-quality and a pillow.

  • When folded, takes up little space
  • Covers are removable & easy to clean
  • Colors are calming, inspiring and stimulating
  • Does not deform after long, intensive use

Dimensions: Unfolded: 11¾”h x 15¾”w x 47¼”l. Folded up: 17¾"h x 15¾"w x 23½"l.

NATURE Collection ~ Calming down and soothing the senses, . . .The subdued, eye-catching colors have a relaxing effect and will successfully fit into any interiors design. An interesting combination of hues give the whole room a pleasant, unusual character. The positive benefits of nature inspired exposure include: improves cognitive functioning, greater attention capacities, better motor coordination, reduces stress levels and improves social skills. Comfort pieces are made of soft polyurethane foam, trimmed with synthetic leather. Filled with a mixture of granulate and foam pieces.

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Playscapes and Novum Children’s Furnishings of Poland is pleased to announce our new exclusive distribution partnership throughout the United States and Canada. Novum has been offering quality children’s furnishings, sensory and educational products in Poland and across Europe for over 20 years. Novum products are eco-friendly and confirmed by quality Certificate ISO 9001. All products carry a two year warranty.
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