Emotions Floor Pouf Set

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The topic of emotions is extremely important for children. By imitating the faces sewn on the Emotions Floor Pouf Set, children learn to recognize and interpret the feelings and the mood of others. Helps kids talk through how they feel, supporting self-awareness and social skills - what to do in order not to hurt others, makes them sensitive and teaches them empathy. A set of comfortable, low floor poufs will be perfect both for games and during classes or talks. Call out an emotion and instruct child to go sit or stand on corresponding emotion. Use as seat cushions, markers during floor time or stepping stones. Filled with polyurethane foam which ensures softness and comfort of use. Zippered cover, easy to put on and remove for cleaning with a non-slip bottom that prevents excessive sliding. Foam and cover do not contain harmful substances.

  • 3¼"h x 11¾"dia.
  • Two year warranty.
  • 6 pieces
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Warranty Information

Playscapes and Novum Children’s Furnishings of Poland is pleased to announce our new exclusive distribution partnership throughout the United States and Canada. Novum has been offering quality children’s furnishings, sensory and educational products in Poland and across Europe for over 20 years. Novum products are eco-friendly and confirmed by quality Certificate ISO 9001. This product carries a one year warranty.
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