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Classic Sienna 1" Profile Anchor Joint (2 Pack)

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  • Frame It All Classic Sienna Snap-Lock Playground & Sandbox Brackets - 1” Anchor Bracket (2 pack Brown) - 300001024
  • Classic Sienna 1" Profile Anchor Joint (2 Pack)
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When designing your playground border use Classic Sienna Snap-Lock Playground Edging Brackets – 1” Anchor Brackets for your base layer when creating a long stretch (more than two boards long on any side) or live in a climate where frost pushout is a concern. The saw-toothed barbs along the stake secure your edging to the ground and are strong enough to resist frost-heave. Anchor brackets are especially useful for landscape borders which are generally long runs of boards that don’t connect into a loop or square. The barbed stake will stabilize your edging against frost pushout or from being loosened by mowers or any human disturbance.

You can only use anchor brackets on the base layer of your edging. If your design calls for additional layers you will use 1” Snap-lock Stacking Brackets to connect your additional layers.

Our Playground & Sandbox Anchor and Stacking Brackets pivot 270 degrees, allowing endless design options. Create unique designs like diamonds, zig zags, or traditional right-angle designs. Patented Snap-Lock brackets simply slide onto each end of a board and fasten securely with one Snap-lock button.


  • Limited Lifetime Warranty (registration required)/5-year warranty (no registration)
  • 1” snap-lock anchor bracket can be used with any 1” Frame It All 5.5” high composite snap-lock ready board
  • Durable ABS plastic
  • UV and temperature resistant
  • Patented snap-lock tool-free system


  • 4 - Snap-Lock Playground Border Anchor Brackets
  • 2 - Anchor Stakes
  • 2 - Solid Finishing Caps
  • 8 - Plugs / Locking Nubs
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Warranty Information

A Limited Five (5) Year Warranty is a warranty against defect in boards, stakes and brackets or workmanship under normal use after proper installation. The warranty is void if the product is improperly used, alteration, modification or product has been used in a manner contrary to the product’s actual usage. Registration is not required.
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