Colorful Squares Activity Sensory Wall Panel Toy

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  • HABA Pro Colorful Squares Activity Sensory Wall Panel Toy - 1023145001
  • Colorful Squares Activity Sensory Wall Panel Toy - 23145
  • Panels in rails or mounted directly on wall.
  • Other Sensory Wall Panels mounted on wall
  • Other panels shown with 2 - 32" rail kits
  • Other Sensory Panels shown with 120194 & 120191 Rail Sets
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Engage your senses with the Colorful Squares Wall Game. This fun wall game challenges you to strategically arrange the 8 squares according to the pattern shown on the dice. Explore sight, touch, and hearing as you interact with the variety of sensory elements on the wall. Children can describe their experiences, enhancing language skills. The guide rails and double grooves allow for multiple panels to be combined, enabling several children to play simultaneously. Change the panel arrangement regularly to keep the sensory wall and path exciting and educational.

  • Size: Optical Board 16" x 17"
  • Base panel made of birch wood
  • 10 year warranty

Mounting Options:

  • Mount Wall Toy directly to wall.
  • For 1 Sensory Wall Activity - 120189 Length 16 ¼“, 41 cm
  • For Row of 2 Sensory Wall Activities - 120190 Length 32“, 81.5 cm
  • For Row of 3 Sensory Wall Activities - 120191 Length 48“, 122 cm

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Warranty Information

HABA® - Gressco is the exclusive distribution company to the US and Canada for HABA's custom, commercial quality children's furniture. HABA items are built to withstand the rigors of commercial environments, and are built to last with a 10 year manufacturer's warranty. ALL HABA PRODUCTS ARE CUSTOM MADE AND ARE NOT RETURNABLE.
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