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Woodland Sit-Arounds Floor Seating Cushions - Set of 5

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  • Children's Factory Woodland Sit-Arounds Seating Mats - Set of 5 - CF-W-SEATS
  • Woodland Sit-Upons Seating Mats
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Introducing our Child Woodland Sit-Arounds Seating Mats, the perfect addition to any child's playtime! These versatile mats come in two shapes - circles or squares - offering endless possibilities for imaginative play. With each set including one mat in every vibrant color, children can easily switch up their seating arrangements to suit their preferences. Plus, for added convenience, each mat is equipped with a sturdy handle, ensuring easy transport from one adventure to the next. Get ready to enhance your child's playtime with our Child Woodland Sit-Arounds Seating Mats today!

Size: 12" x 12" x 1" EACH

CF349-044 - 12" Woodland Sit-Arounds - Set of 5
CF349-045 - 12" Woodland Sit-Upons - Set of 5

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