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The modern Breeze.upp Acoustic Classroom Divider combines practical with playful elements. This padded wall comes with a stable solid wood frame, fabric covering and two disc bases can be mounted in two different ways: upright or horizontal. The fabric covering can be chosen to match the rest of the room. Room dividers are ideal for structuring rooms or as privacy screens. They can be set up and rearranged quickly. In this way, different areas can be separated from one another at any time. Helps one to create new learning spaces in classrooms or office spaces. Instantly you can design a private area with a modern and stylish look. Made of three-layer thick particle board with a sturdy metal frame. Covered in durable textile fabric material.

  • Fabric covering acoustically effective
  • Can be set mounted upright or horizontal.
  • Easy to be rearranged quickly and efficiently
  • Optical separation

Dimensions: 74¾"H x 61"W x 23¾"D

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Made in Germany.

Click here to browse the complete line of HABA Pro breeze.upp furniture ~ A flexible room concept to create space when needed. This furniture is ideal for educators and children from 3 to 6 years of age. It is especially useful in kindergartens, early learning centers, daycares or children's libraries. A completely new look - still compatible with our exiting furniture. The color and shape merge smoothly into each other, resulting in a calming, low-stimulant environment. Complete group rooms with tables and stools for eating, crafting, building or retreat area.

*** HABA is custom produced, no cancellations or modifications allowed.

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Warranty Information

HABA® - Gressco is the exclusive distribution company to the US and Canada for HABA's custom, commercial quality children's furniture. HABA items are built to withstand the rigors of commercial environments, and are built to last with a 10 year manufacturer's warranty. ALL HABA PRODUCTS ARE CUSTOM MADE AND ARE NOT RETURNABLE.
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