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Your junior musicians will quickly become playground rock stars with this awesome new ~ELECTRIFIED~ Rock Star Playground Keyboard by Playground Prodigy. It sounds incredible, it looks sensational, and it's ~ELECTRIFIED~ to duplicate the sounds of the same keyboards used by real life rock stars. Encouraging the development of hand - eye coordination, rhythm and musicality in the playground - any child or adult can become a rock star at playtime! 

A part of our new Rock Star Product Range, the ~ELECTRIFIED~ Rock Star Keyboard by Playground Prodigy is primed and ready to become a key element in the new Rock Band instrument ensemble. Our incredible, well crafted keyboard is made of extremely durable commercial grade outdoor playground materials. It allows young musicians to play to their hearts content and will hold up through generations of budding super stars. 
This beautiful, perfectly pitched, ~ELECTRIFIED~ instrument will inspire you to create a big time outdoor musical playground or a musical garden, where children can conduct their own rock concerts. Be the first child care or school in your area to provide this amazing new guitar for your students!
Constructed from HDPE and aluminum profiles, the electronics are ultra-reliable, protected by a water and tamper resistant cover, while the electronic components are covered by a three year guarantee. All the main components can be unplugged and swapped-out if there is ever a failure, making maintenance relatively inexpensive and easy to perform.
The Keyboard features 8x stainless steel sensors with C-C playable notes and a sound changing button. This impressive instrument measures 34.69"w x 12.21"d x 48.23"h once installed. This very advanced, but simple to play, Rock Star Keyboard is safe and fun for ages 2 years and older.
Product Features: 
  • Great sound
  • C-C Notes
  • Sound changing button
  • Stainless steel touch sensors
  • Ultra-reliable, commercial grade electronics
  • 3 year electronics guarantee
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