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The Move Upp Modular Base Sensory Tub provides a wonderful opportunity for your children to learn and have fun, even when it's cold outside. By playing with water and sand, they can enhance their senses, boost creativity, and develop motor skills. Kids will also learn about the properties of solid and liquid materials, as well as how to mold figures from wet sand and leave imprints. Additionally, transferring materials between containers will help them understand the concepts of size and volume.

  • Flexible to use
  • Expandable w/6 attachment elements
  • Guide sleeve made of high-quality plastic
  • 11 clip-on components available
  • Combine w/other Move upp cabinets
  • Ships from manufacturer in Germany
  • 10 year warranty

Dimensions: 3¾”H x 15¼”D. Wt: 5½ lbs.

Move Upp provides a versatile furniture collection that caters to various needs. Whether you need to set up a preschool room, a group room, a classroom, or a recreational space, Move Upp has got you covered. The line includes wall cabinets and shelving units that offer ample storage space and help keep things tidy. Choose from a wide selection of nearly 100 models to find the perfect fit for your space.

Enhance your educational space with the Move Upp modular cabinet system. This innovative system empowers educators to effortlessly blend base cabinets with distinctive learning elements, resulting in a dynamic and adaptable learning environment. With a selection of five base cabinets, five attachable middle elements, and ten top pieces, you have the freedom to rearrange and customize the setup at any moment. Whether it's for playtime, learning activities, creative endeavors, or scientific experiments, the Move Upp system offers endless possibilities. Seamlessly attach the middle elements and top pieces directly to the base cabinets, and unlock a world of educational opportunities.

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Move Upp Modular Base Cabinets:

  • 1432500 - Low Base Cabinet
  • 1432510 - Medium Base Cabinet w/Birch Back Panel
  • 1432511 - Medium Base Cabinet w/Birch Half-Ht Back Panel
  • 1432541 - Medium Base Cabinet w/Mirror Back Panel

Move Upp Modular Middle Elements:

Move Upp Modular Top Pieces:

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