Keydo Interactive Touch Screen Wall Toy

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  • Playscapes Keydo Interactive Touch Screen Wall Toy - AMH-SST415*
  • Blue Keydo Interactive Touch Screen
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  • Keydo Interactive Touch Screen Wall Toy
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The Keydo Interactive Touch Screen Wall Toy, AMH-SST415, is an extraordinary addition to the Sensory Wall Panels & Wall Toys collection.

Hello, nice to see you... Right from the initial friendly greeting our play-touch computers provide an intelligent interactive play experience for children 3 to 12 years of age. With its state-of-the-art touch screen technology, the Keydo Toy offers endless entertainment and educational opportunities. The vibrant colors and engaging visuals stimulate children's senses and encourage cognitive development. Designed to be mounted on walls, this durable toy ensures long-lasting enjoyment. This Keydo package is secure to use and safety tested. Includes ELO commercial monitor, unbreakable glass, scratch resistant touch-screen technology, dirt and stain tolerant with anti-bacterial surface coating, no moving or wearing parts, plugs into wall outlet (110V), consumes less than 10w of power, comes completely loaded with operating system, game software and licenses. No further or ongoing licensing fees required. Two year warranty on all parts.

  • 25.5”w x 22.75”h x 3.5”d. 21"
  • Touchscreen monitor w/lockable mount.
  • Each system includes two complete software suites.

Crafted in Canada, specifically for commercial use, products are designed to uphold against constant use in public children’s areas. Perfect to stand alone or combine with other educational play activities to create a children’s play corner in waiting rooms, libraries or family-friendly environments. The commercial-grade materials are easy to clean, do not include seams or hard-to-clean crevices, and durable coatings withstand constant cleaning. Please see attachment for cleaning and disinfecting instructions. Tested and compliant with CPSIA 2008, 16CFR, ASTM F963 and CSA-Z614. 

Available in 5 colors:

  • Blueberry  #AMH-SST415B
  • Candy Apple Red  #AMH-SST415CR
  • Martian Green  #AMH-SST415G
  • Carnival Orange #AMH-SST415O
  • Raspberry #AMH-SST415R
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Warranty Information

Gressco takes pride in delivering quality, unique products to our commercial, healthcare, school and library markets. From colorful, imaginative children's furniture, to the functionality of a classic library display, we provide the specialized products to make learning and play spaces inviting, interactive, and built to last. Our products include the following lines, and are available through our nationwide specialty re-sellers. Gressco products carry a 5 year warranty, with the exception of soft seating goods that carry a 1 year warranty. Our warranty is a promise to our original purchaser (customer) for periods as outlined above, that our products will be free from manufacturing defects in materials, workmanship and construction for the duration of the product warranty. This warranty is applicable only when products are purchased for intended original commercial use. Upon inspection, Gressco reserves the right to repair or replace items and parts at our discretion. This warranty does not cover normal product usage, wear, scratches, stains, tears, and scuffs, issues caused by improper installation, product alterations, or fabric or product abuse. This warranty excludes consequential or incidental damages including any loss, expense or damage that may result from a product defect. Cleaning Recommendations: ((No Ammonia)) Frequent cleaning with most commercial disinfectant solutions will not damage or diminish any of our product finishes; but the use of ammonia on acrylic may cause cloudiness. The following cleaning products were reviewed for their appropriateness of use on Playscapes products. Johnson Wax General Purpose Cleaner, XTRACTION II, Foamy Q&A, and Virex ll 256. Based on discussions with our material suppliers and review of their technical data sheets, the above cleaners may be used on all of our products with the following cautions: • While the acrylic covers on our Framed Art and the Toddler Oasis Airport are completely resistant to alcohol solutions up to 30% concentrations and phosphoric acids up to 10%, there may be some product discoloration when higher concentrations are used. • The acrylic covers on our Adventure River Maze, A-Round My Town, Fishin’ A-Round, Amazers, and Food Play may have a slight yellowing when concentrations greater than 20% of sodium carbonite are used.
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