Tractor Trailer Soft Indoor Climber Play Set

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  • Novum Tractor Trailer Soft Indoor Climber Play Set - 4640170, 4640199
  • Tractor Trailer Soft Climber Play Set 1
  • Tractor Soft Climber
  • Trailer Soft Climber
  • Tractor Soft Climber 1
  • Trailer Soft Climber 2
  • Tractor Trailer Soft Indoor Climber Play Set
  • Tractor Trailer Soft Indoor Climber Play Set
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Pretend you are hauling important crops from the farm to the grocery store in our Tractor Trailer Soft Climber Play Set. Designed to bring children closer to them and preserve the appearance of a country vehicle. The possibility of assembling and disassembling small and large wheels, which can be used as additional floor seats, will make the tractor even more attractive to the little ones. The set includes both the tractor and trailer - can be purchased separately as well. Playful seating options that can be used in day cares, children's libraries or early learning centers. Certified according to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100. The foam wheels can be removed or attached using hook-and-loop fabric. Filled with a polyurethane foam and trimmed with synthetic leather.

  • Filled w/polyurethane foam provides softness & comfort
  • Fitted cover eliminates the effect of wrinkling
  • Easy-to-clean material with a pleasant-to-touch Surface
  • A comfortable couch for two people
  • Included Tractor & Trailer

Tractor: 23½"h x 19"w x 33½"d. Trailer: 11¾"h x 19"w x 31½"d

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Playscapes and Novum Children’s Furnishings of Poland is pleased to announce our new exclusive distribution partnership throughout the United States and Canada. Novum has been offering quality children’s furnishings, sensory and educational products in Poland and across Europe for over 20 years. Novum products are eco-friendly and confirmed by quality Certificate ISO 9001. All products carry a two year warranty.
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