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  • Playscapes Children's Eco Crescent Seating - TJ11401
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Children's Eco Crescent Seating with BIONIC® Polymer (RCP) look great and have all-weather performance. These products can be 100% recycled at the end of their long and useful life and modular design can be arranged many ways. Single piece design has no sharp edges or corners and slide together easily. Molder polymer is waterproof, impact resistant, chemical-resistant and virtually indestructible. BIONIC® Polymer is plastic pollution that is being hand-collected directly from the beach (shorelines), waterways, and from the ground in coastal communities. This process directly removes plastic pollution from the places where it's in the direct path of harming marine life. Thus, by removing this material we believe we are saving marine life, removing unsightly pollution, and still making high performance products.

Choose from 9 styles and 10 colors. Made from BIONIC® Polymer (RCP) and are 100% recyclable at the end of their long and useful life. 


  • Small Crescent - TJ11401AX+ - 19¾"d x 13½" Seat Height.  11.5lbs
  • Large Crescent - TJ11401BX+ - 23¾"d x 16½" Seat Height.  17lbs

10 Year Limited Warranty covering defects in materials and workmanship. Clean with soap and water, Formula 409®, Fantastik®, Windex®, and Scrubbing Bubbles®. Disinfect Bleach 1:9 ratio of bleach to water, Dispatch® 1:10 dilution, hydrogen peroxide, CaviWipes®, BioWipes®, Coverage Plus Germicidal Wipes®, Glance NA® Diluted 1:50 water, GP Forward® Diluted 1:64 water, Asepticare TB+II®, and more.

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Warranty Information

Playscapes: where you'll explore exciting play experiences that promote good health and essential life skills. Play is not just fun, it's also crucial for children's development. It helps them build their imagination, cognitive abilities, and self-expression. Moreover, for many children, play can even have a healing effect. Our mission at Playscapes is to provide children with purposeful play opportunities that have a positive impact on their well-being. Whether it's in hospitals, pediatric facilities, daycare centers, or education centers, we offer activities that promote health and wellness while also educating children. We are grateful for your partnership in making positive play accessible to all children.

Made in USA: Our Playscapes products are manufactured in Waunakee, Wisconsin, for the health and wellness of children around the world.

Green Goal: We continue to reduce our impact on the environment through the use of greener materials and technology.

Two-Year Warranty: Playscapes-manufactured products are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for two years from the date of shipment. 

Damaged goods upon receipt: Please inspect each box when your order arrives, and note any damaged or missing boxes on the delivery receipt. Shipping damages must be reported within 10 days. Contact us and provide your company name, contact person, and phone number.

Cleaning Recommendations: ((No Ammonia)) Frequent cleaning with most commercial disinfectant solutions will not damage or diminish any of our product finishes; but the use of ammonia on acrylic may cause cloudiness. The following cleaning products were reviewed for their appropriateness of use on Playscapes products. Johnson Wax General Purpose Cleaner, XTRACTION II, Foamy Q&A, and Virex ll 256. Based on discussions with our material suppliers and review of their technical data sheets, the above cleaners may be used on all of our products with the following cautions: While the acrylic covers on our Framed Art and the Toddler Oasis Airport are completely resistant to alcohol solutions up to 30% concentrations and phosphoric acids up to 10%, there may be some product discoloration when higher concentrations are used. The acrylic covers on our Adventure River Maze, A-Round My Town, Fishin A-Round, Amazers, and Food Play may have a slight yellowing when concentrations greater than 20% of sodium carbonite are used.

Returns: Play houses, murals, and custom orders are not returnable. Other Playscapes-manufactured items may be returned up to 90 days from the date of shipment, are subject to a 25% restocking charge, and will be inspected. Contact our Service Department for a return authorization. Credit will not be issued without an RA number.

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