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Genius Maker Outdoor Musical Tongue Drum Flower

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The beautiful Genius Maker Outdoor Musical Tongue Drum Flower is a very popular instrument with it's own unique sound. The instrument is played by hand by tapping the tongues or using the beater/mallet provided. The drum is made of stainless steel and mounted into a HDPE decorative flower head and is ASTM and EN compliant. This Tongue Drum uses thicker stainless steel and is much sturdier than other tongue drums that are on the market. It's easy to play, great sounding and a very durable product.  This is the perfect complement to any commercial outdoor playground, musical garden or outdoor musical environment. 
This awesome outdoor musical instrument can also be purchased at a savings when ordered along with the Musical Bell Flower and the Cymbal Flower, when you order the Genius Maker Outdoor Musical Flower Instruments Ensemble. Select this option in the drop down menu, above!
The Tongue Drum Musical Flower is ASTM and EN compliant and comes complete with soft feel rubber mallet tethered with a high strength stainless steel cable. The inclusive instrument is designed to be installed at an accessible height, for all abilities. This Outdoor Musical Flower measures approximately 19-1/3"w x 17"d x 40-1/2"h once installed, or it can be lowered during installation, as needed. Ages 2 years and older may enjoy this inspirational outdoor instrument. 
This instrument is designed for easy In Ground Mounting. If you need a custom mounting option, such as wall mounted, surface mounted or mounted on a portable base, please Contact us at 253-472-0422 or send an e-mail to to tell us what you need.
This Outdoor Musical Tongue Drum Flower Features: 
  • Brushed Stainless Steel Tongue Drum head 
  • Flower head design made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Colored counter striker/mallets
  • ASTM compliant
  • Includes hardware
  • Includes aluminum T-Slot post
  • Designed for children 2 years - adults
Some main areas of development include:
  • Improved co-ordination and motor skills
  • Helping to build close relationships and improve social skills
  • Increase communication and imagination
  • Improved listening skills 
  • Bolsters attention and focus
  • Reduces hyperactivity
  • Boosts emotional understanding


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